Out of town Consultations

Interested in a naturopathic consult with Dr. Sullivan but live outside of the Memphis area or outside of the US? Dr. Sullivan offers phone or video consultations via phone or secure web connection.

What to expect

When scheduling your appointment online, you will be able to select a visit type-phone, video, or in person. If you choose to consult by video, you will receive an email link to Dr. Sullivan's virtual waiting room. Health intake and consent forms will need to be completed prior to your appointment. This can be done electronically through our secure medical record system, and instructions for completion will be sent through email. For those who are unable to fill out electronic forms or prefer not to fill out electronic forms, paper forms can be emailed or sent through conventional mail if needed.

At the time of your scheduled appointment, simply check into the virtual waiting room using the link you were given. Dr. Sullivan will then connect with you to begin your video consultation. If you choose to consult by phone, you will receive a phone call from Dr. Sullivan at the time of your appointment.

Dr. Sullivan does a lengthy intake of your medical history. The majority of the time will be spent going over this, as well as any lab or imaging reports you wish to share. Dr. Sullivan will then offer her insight as to what may be going on and in some cases recommend further testing. At the end of the visit, Dr. Sullivan will go over her treatment recommendations. This usually involves specific dietary guidance, herbs, and nutritional supplements.

The frequency of follow up visits depends on the needs of each person. At least one follow up is recommended in most cases. However for chronic health issues, a follow up visit once every 2-3 months may be needed.

If you would like to learn more about her approach or would simply like to meet Dr. Sullivan first before deciding to work with her, she offers a 15 minute introductory consultation. All appointments can be scheduled online.


  • New patient consultation-90 min-$225

  • Follow up consultation-45 min-$145

  • Follow up consultation-30 min-$95

  • Follow up consultation-15 min-$50

Appointments must be paid in full prior to your scheduled appointment. Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive an invoice for payment by email. Alternatively, payment can also be made over the phone or by mail.

Insurance does not typically cover telemedicine visits. Due to licensing laws in Tennessee, we are unable to provide you with a coded invoice called a superbill to submit to your insurance company.